I care about your Tiny House! Having built Tiny Houses myself, I am available to you for every step of the journey. You’ll never be left thinking “What do I do next?” My mobile number is 0408 330 420.

When you buy a Fred’s Tiny House Trailer you get:

Australia’s Best Built Tiny House Trailer

+       A Framing Plan

+       A Material & Cutting List

  +       3 Hours of Expert Advice

A tiny house trailer from Fred is much more than just a trailer.
  • A clever trailer design where underfloor & draw bar storage are built in.
  • Where underfloor insulation is not an afterthought, but is anticipated and designed in to every trailer and every framing plan we sell.
  • Easy connection points between your tiny house and trailer. No drilling of holes in your brand new trailer looking for a way to attach the house and trailer.
  • We use Duragal steel and then paint all the welds.  This method gives all the advantage of galvanizing, without the risks of hot dip galvanizing.  If you require a different finish please let us know, we’re glad to discuss your needs.
  • Fred looks after you with little extras like a spare tyre and pre-wiring for outline marker lights as standard inclusions on every trailer we sell.
  • And Fred looks after you with the big important things too like a VASS Engineer reviewed trailer design; and super strong attachment points & critical welds to make it a strong, reliable, roadworthy base for your tiny house.  In other words: Australia’s best built tiny house trailers.
  • A Framing Plan to build the walls of your tiny house.  A plan that is tailor-made to fit hand in glove with your trailer, creating the strongest attachment between tiny house and trailer available anywhere. Guaranteed.
  • A materials list and cutting list, so you know just what to buy to frame your tiny house and what lengths to cut them.  Saves you time & money.
  • And there’s more… with every trailer purchase you get 3 hours of expert advice & consultation time with Fred.   Why?  Because, you’re bound to have a few questions and Fred’s here to help.

A lot of care and attention has gone into Fred’s trailer and tiny house design. Built from the ground up to ‘caravan’ standards, it is clear that Fred’s design and materials have been well researched.  Fred knows what he’s talking about and provides the perfect atmosphere for relaxed, open, honest and free flowing sharing of thoughts and experiences.  I particularly like the fully off-grid set up available and the sense of freedom this brings with it.   Do yourself a favour – escape mortgage slavery and lower your environmental foot print – size does matter – go tiny!

Mick Beckers

Forest Fire Fighter

Our trailers come in various sizes and can be tailored to your needs

  • Our tiny house trailers come in conservatively sized ATM* (Aggregate Trailer Mass) weight ratings.
  • The ATM of our trailers are sized to accommodate the building of an off-grid tiny house, which tend to be rated higher (greater ATM) relative to their length in order to accommodate the heavy items that make up an off-grid system including solar panels, deep cycle batteries & wood heater, etc..
  • Prices from $8,916

* ATM (Aggregate Trailer Mass) is the allowable maximum weight of your tiny house, including all your belongings inside.

Need Finance?

The finance broker we have on board can provide, for qualified buyers, financing of up to the total purchase price of any of our tiny houses, “shells” or trailers with a maximum term of 7 years.

This is for tiny houses, shells and trailers purchased exclusively through Fred’s Tiny Houses.

The way it works is you select one of our tiny houses, shells or trailers and when you sign the Sale Agreement we make it subject to finance and we put you in touch with our finance broker for you to make application.

Fred’s Tiny House Trailers

Australia’s best built Tiny House Trailers provide the very foundation of a Tiny House. It is the most important feature. Just as you wouldn’t skimp on the foundation for an ordinary house, the last thing you want to do is invest in a sub-par trailer. Purchasing a Fred’s Tiny Houses Trailer will ensure your Tiny House has the strongest and most stable foundation available.

About Fred Schultz

Fred is not your ordinary trailer merchant. He is one of the most respected figures in the Australian Tiny House movement. He designs and builds Tiny Houses, and regularly conducts workshops and information sessions. Fred is passionate about building and assisting others in the building of Tiny Houses, liberating people out of conventional mortgage servitude and deepening connection to the earth.

“Good design means great planning!  That’s why with every trailer we sell, we also give you a free framing plan for building the walls of your tiny house.  And not just any framing plan.  It’s a framing plan specially suited to your trailer to create the strongest attachment between trailer and tiny house anywhere. Guaranteed !”

I have attended Fred’s “How to build a tiny house” workshop and have purchased one of Fred’s trailers. The quality of the trailer is fantastic and has many features that you will not find on other trailers whether they are built by trailer manufacturers or tiny house trailer manufacturers.
The intangible value of getting a trailer from Fred is the knowledge and experience he is able to pass to you in conversation and for me, this was where he went above and beyond expectations. I had a strong desire to begin my DIY “tiny” journey but was quickly being overwhelmed by the process. The workshop and my conversations with Fred have alleviated these feelings.
I strongly recommend Fred’s trailers and workshops.
Simon Ewan

Software Engineer

4 Different Lengths


  • Trailers come in the following four lengths: 3.6 metres, 4.8 metres, 6.0 metres, and 7.2. metres.
  • We can design and build longer trailers.  Please note that longer trailers do not include a framing plan and that Fred recommends you complete an accurate weight estimate of your completed tiny house plan to avoid being surprised to find that your completed tiny house exceeds the ATM* of your trailer.

3 Different Styles


  1. Straight Axles with wheel guards that protrude about 100mm into the interior of the house.
  2. Drop Axles available for some but not all ATM weight ratings.  A drop axle creates the lowest floor to ground height and allows the greatest head height in the loft.  Drop Axles still have wheel guards that protrude about 100mm into the interior of the house.
  3. “Flat Top” means the floor of the tiny house will extend out over top of the wheels, so your trailer has a flat top and no wheel guards. “Flat Top” trailers eliminate the need to build around wheel guards, but have a higher floor height and less head height in the loft.

How does the buying & building process work?

Firstly by going to the “Easy Tiny House Trailer Guide” above, selecting your trailer and clicking “See More”.  (Alternatively you can browse in the Trailer Shop.)
  • Paying your fully refundable $995 deposit. This secures your place in the production queue.
  • Once we receive your deposit we will send you out a Sale Agreement which outlines the exact specifications for your trailer.
  • Sign & return the Sales Agreement along with a 50% of the purchase price minus the $995 deposit.
  • We build your tiny house trailer & get it registered for you in Victoria.
  • Make the second and final payment.
  • Pick up / Delivery of your tiny house trailer
  • On Going Support from Fred:

3 hours of expert advice and consultation time with Fred talking about your tiny house design, plans and issues about building or living in a tiny house.

A Framing Plan suited specially to your trailer.

A Materials List & Cutting List for that framing plan.

Time to order your trailer! Don’t forget that if you have any questions, please call me – I am always very happy to talk to you. My mobile number is 0408330420.

We design and manufacture our own trailers. We’re not a reseller of someone else’s trailer. Our trailers have the strongest connection possible between house and trailer. We guarantee you, you will not get stronger!

Designing & building Australia's best built tiny house trailers